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About Molecule Data

Molecule Data –a handy tool for marketers wanting to get high ROI from their ads. The tool allows marketers to know the ins and outs of their campaigns and evolve their strategies based on ad performance and metrics.

Partner Challenges

The partner contacted Exabyting to overcome the development weaknesses in the existing product. Unfortunately, they neither had a concrete plan, nor sufficient resources to make it a story of success every marketer could be proud of.
  • They were looking for a one-stop shop to work with developers, designers, and collaborators under one roof.
  • Their resources were limited, and so they wanted an economical solution.
  • They wanted to work with a flexible team that could enhance its capacities based on the changing scope and overcome evolving challenges effortlessly.
  • We were expected to transform the user experience and eliminate all the hurdles coming in the way of the user journey.

Our Solution

  • We introduced our expertise to our partner and told them we could confidently cater to their development, designing, testing, and collaboration needs.
  • Our engineers identified all the loopholes and discussed various options with the partner. Then, we started with technical development to improve the existing functionalities.
  • Our developers then devised a brilliant UI/UX design for the product that could simplify user interaction.
  • The evolving problems were fully understood and resolved with a proactive consultation.
  • After improving the look and feel of the Molecule Data, we started building a website where they could market it and attract new customers.

Technologies Used:

React Native
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