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Endless opportunities for creative thinkers; to work on engineering products you genuinely care about.


The next step in your software engineering career. We partner you with products that push boundaries and change the future. You’ll be a part of a friendly, collaborative team with plenty of perks.

What we do

Products where we have supported our partner’s growth with leading technical team

You’ll partner with leading firms, including healthcare, FinTech, and more. We supply product managers, software engineers, and other IT staff to work on projects, helping you take control of your career. We’re passionate about helping our team grow and achieve their goals, and we offer free training and career planning. Check out our products below.

Taxsense is another one of our cornerstones. We conceived the idea of creating this product when we observed that people find it highly hectic to calculate and file their tax returns.

Aladin is a tool designed by Exabyting to help companies automate employee attendance and streamline leave management.

Molecule Data –a handy tool for marketers wanting to get high ROI from their ads.

Prevento is a revolutionary app designed to help people prevent diseases by providing data-driven insights.


We believe in our team and consider them our most vital asset

Our collaborative environment is essential for fostering creativity and developing big-brain ideas that achieve results. Our approach ensures that individual employees can share their expertise to develop creative solutions.
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Climb new career heights within a culture you will love!

Extensive benefits, flexible vacation, and evaluation-based salary increments – that’s the Exabyting way. We are the company for you if you’re looking for a rewarding IT career that allows you to work on many diverse products. Plus, our unique evaluation-based salary increments ensure you are continuously being recognized and valued.
Working with us means planning for the future with our 5-year plan, packed with regular career growth evaluation and training when needed. We provide regular guidance and training to ensure your continued success within the company.
Lifestyle upgradation
We understand that a good lifestyle is vital, so we partner with leading companies such as Chaldal, Uber, and Foodpanda to give you exclusive discounts on everyday items – all while connected through high-MBs internet (that you can share with your family members).
Financial stability
Not to mention our fair salary policies and interest-free loan facilities. We want to ensure that our employees are financially stable, so we provide a health fund should any of our team members need medical attention.
Transparency is the key; thus, this is where we focus – no hidden tricks, no shady business. We promote communication and uplifting transparency among teams by holding regular meetings, town halls, and social meet-ups.
Great colleagues
At Exabyting, we recruit hand-vetted colleagues, meaning our team is filled with great people who are knowledgeable, passionate, open-minded, and friendly. Our team culture is designed to be transparent and bias-free, with access to information, open discussions, and solid reasoning behind changes in the process.

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