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An immersive healthcare experience towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Prevento Health Care

Prevento helathcare

Prevento Health Care

Prevento helathcare

About Prevento

Prevento is a revolutionary app designed to help people prevent diseases by providing data-driven insights. The app follows a task-based approach where people are asked to perform a maximum of 5 specific jobs based on their routine.
These jobs reduce the risk of disease and enable people to transform their lifestyles.
In addition to preventative care, the app also facilitates doctors in evaluating patients’ data to offer advice if necessary.


Partner Challenges

The partner had already built the user journey, but they needed to figure out how to turn it into a comprehensive app. They wanted an app where people of all ages/groups/conditions receive proper alerts based on their unique dynamics.
  • They were looking for developers at competitive rates since they had limited financial resources.
  • The partner also wanted a team that could fully own the product. They wanted to create an accountability force working towards a shared vision.
  • They had to be kept informed about the progress at every journey step. They told us beforehand that there was no room for bugs and that a simple anomaly could significantly affect the overall credibility of the product.  
  • They hoped for effective collaboration with the developers to ensure that everything from user experience to technical development is streamlined.
  • They were looking for a team with a wide range of traits. For example, the expected team should be able to manage extensive development jobs, identify the scope of work, and acknowledge the impact of delivery, all while completing everything in the given timeframe.

Our Solution

  • We first got an in-depth understanding of the problem and provided them with hand-vetted engineers who took full ownership of the project.
  • We created a backend database based on the medical recommendation specific to each group. The database was designed to identify each group and send automatic alarms to the relevant people.
  • Our communication was exceptional from the beginning. We utilized cutting-edge technologies based on their requirements to ensure that all project functions performed seamlessly.
  • Based on these recommendations, users would be asked to complete a maximum of 5 tasks to help them stay healthy throughout the day.
  • Our partner was also informed about the progress throughout the development journey, which helped us gain real-time feedback and eliminate errors of all kinds.
Prevento Case Study

Technologies Used

React Native
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When we were looking for a partner for our project, we did RFQ with several local and international suppliers, Exabyting stood out with the best price-to-quality ratio. They not only perform tasks in good quality within the timeline but also brings industry knowledge and insights to the table. If anyone is interested in working with them, please go for it.

Minduagas Mizaras

CEO, Prevento Health Care