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Simplifying the cumbersome tax filing processes


About TaxSense

Taxsense is another one of our cornerstones. We conceived the idea of creating this product when we observed that people find it highly hectic to calculate and file their tax returns. Therefore, we wanted to revolutionize the tax filing process by designing a product that could save people’s time and effort during the tax season.

Although products with the same functionality were already present in the market, they needed coherence and were complicated for non-tech-savvy people. We wanted to change that.


Industry Challenges

Each year when the tax time arrives, people have to navigate the challenges of manually calculating the tax and submitting it to the government. It’s burdensome and hectic.

Some even hire tax lawyers who charge hefty sums and still need to file the returns in time, resulting in unnecessary penalties for people.


Development Challenges

  • It was complicated to understand the tax and income laws that were to be used in the product.
  • Creating coherence between business and development aspects was another challenge.
  • We had to complete everything within a tight deadline while also catering to the limited financial resources of our partner.
  • The development process was done in harmony with the timeline and financial resources to ensure usability at all stages.

Our Solution

  • Our engineers came up with the idea of developing something that could eliminate the frustration of the tax filing process.
  • We thoroughly understood tax and income laws to build a roadmap for the project.
  • This roadmap allowed us to connect development functionalities with complicated tax structures, thus creating harmony among all stages.
  • Our engineers also considered the financial limitations and used efficient resources that not only cut the costs but also quickened the pace of completion.
  • The result was a high-performing product that automatically calculates taxes per individual’s preferences. It could also be used to generate approved return copies upon the submission of tax.
Technologies Used
Digital Ocean
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